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Angelique Kerber vs Sloane Stephens | 2018 WTA Finals Singapore Round Robin | WTA Highlights

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45 thoughts on “Angelique Kerber vs Sloane Stephens | 2018 WTA Finals Singapore Round Robin | WTA Highlights”

  1. Kerber has no idea how to play Sloane. She is doing the exact opposite of what she needs to do to win. Kerber moves Sloane side to side which is exactly what Sloane wants and her footwork patterns thrive on it. Hit it down the middle at her body with medium pace and she struggles.

  2. I'm glad the slam champs are out cos the big titles can be shared around unlike in the men's. I felt bad for Sloane for the Roland Garros final. I was rooting for Simona, but who wasn't? Maybe she can score the 5th biggest tournament of the year to go with her Miami win

  3. Stephens is more physically gifted than 98% of the Tour. The only thing that holds Stephens back is the mental part of the game, which can sometimes go really awry. That being said, when she's on there's not many that can handle her firepower.

  4. Guys you are idiots most of you said svito not to win a set in this tournament , sloane to lose on round robbin …and now you say sloane too good 😂😂😂 my picks were sloane vs svito on final before tournament

  5. Kerber looked maxed out on every shot and those were some good shots she hit but Sloane was on another dimension. Magnificent effort by both but Sloane was just too good!

  6. Please stay grounded and marry a beautiful black man so you can procreate your genes all over again ….. she comes from two beautiful black parents. End of story and don’t give me the racial garbage … it’s normal to be with your own race. Go check out her father .. he was a NFL player and I think he passed away years ago. He was a strong man.

  7. Sloane is a very calm, cool player who strides slowly across the court when entering for the first time, but do not be fooled she is very fast and can be more than a match for her opponent. I am fast becoming a fan of this cool elegant player, although I do not hear much about her in London I'm sure that will change soon. Keep it up Sloane Stephens.

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