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Aaron Rodgers Destroys The Broncos With 6 TDs in 2011! | NFL Flashback Highlights

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Aaron Rodgers puts up big numbers at Lambeau against the Broncos in 2011.

Stats: 29/38, 408 Yards, 4 TDs, 2 Rushing TDs

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32 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers Destroys The Broncos With 6 TDs in 2011! | NFL Flashback Highlights”

  1. I was at this game!! It was awesome to see a master at his craft at the peak of his powers!! That throw to James Jones was one of the best throws I have ever witnessed!!

  2. you should do a video on "the moment" from each of the last few NBA finals. For example, this year could be that Durant shot from game 3 or the JR smith thing from game 1. Last year could be the durant shot from game 3. 2 years ago would be the block/shot from James/Irving, and so forth.

  3. I dont know why mike macarthy get so much respect, you've had the best qb in the game for 10 years now and failed to put an offensive line in front of him, failed to put recievers around him (if you think their recievers are good then why is it every time one leaves theyre ass? The defence has beem horrid for years now, they werent even great when the won the superbowl they just got turnover at the right time. Macarthy is an over rated coach. Bad decision making has cost them in multiple playoff games and the defense cant hold anybody under 30 in the playoffs. The fact that they only have one superbowl should be embarrasing, you have the best player in the game at the one position everyone wishes for and for 10 years have miserably failed to build around him, i think they couldve been a dynasty team with a better coach.

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