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6’10 Jonathan Isaac Has Kevin Durant-like Game!! | Official Junior Mixtape

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Jonathan Isaac saw his stock sky-rocket once again this past spring and summer as he cracked the ESPN Top 10 coming in at No. 9, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing up. His ability to put it on the floor, connect with accuracy from deep and finish at the cup are just a few things he does exceptionally well for his size. The Florida State commit will play his senior campaign at IMG Academy this year, so you can bet he’ll be working hard and continuing to add to his game.

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48 thoughts on “6’10 Jonathan Isaac Has Kevin Durant-like Game!! | Official Junior Mixtape”

  1. These videos never mean nothing… go to college.. 4 years get a degree then go to the league. Never got the hype of these videos of these kids towering over high schoolers with their shaky skill sets

  2. Not big enough. Needs about 30 more lbs because he'd be stuffed like a mushroom. Also, I love how all his highlight shots are against like 5'9 white kids. lol sweet jumper though.

  3. He's 6'10, extremely frail and seems to mostly just shoot outside? He doesn't even look like he could start for a major college program, much less make an NBA roster. It would be a huge mistake for this kid to skip college, but if he's not hitting a weight room at this age – doesn't seem like he ever will. What a shame.

  4. At his age Durant already had way more handles he was way more polished as a scorer and he was more athletic … Durant is a once in a lifetime guy I like Isaac but guys like him come a dime a dozen nice try tho

  5. He's no Jimmy Chitwood; he palms the ball way too much and he needs to work on the underhanded free throw, hook shot, set shot, bank shot and a two handed bounce passย just like how the Indiana rubberman Johnny Wooden used to do it…and his shorts are too long…

  6. kevin durant is alright player but he had to join the warriors to win. very overrated player. no muscle definition and always injury prone. i think anyone can beat his ass no joke

  7. he needs a personal trainer and dietitian asap, gotta put on a good amount of muscle to his frame..a good 30-40 more pounds of muscle..he needs a high protein low fat diet

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