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5 year-old baseball kid Christian Haupt 2014 MLB All-Star Game commercial & best first pitches

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We hope this video brings a smile to your face even if you’re not a fan of baseball. Christian Haupt was the youngest person to ever throw a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game just a few days after his 4th birthday and was featured in the 2014 MLB All Star Game pre-game show on FOX. At the age of 2, Christian was discovered by Adam Sandler on YouTube for a baseball playing cameo role in the movie “That’s My Boy”. Nobody in our family ever watched or played baseball so his fascination with the sport at such a young age came as quite a surprise to us! Christian’s passion and great luck have led him to meet many of his heroes. At the age of five, he continues to love the sport and plays on Hall of Fame baseball player Orlando Cepeda’s travel team — the Cepeda Bulls. Photographer Mark J. Terrill’s AP photo of Christian’s first pitch at Dodger Stadium in 2012 now hangs on the walls at Dodger Stadium and in the home of legendary Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax. He is one lucky kid! “The Script – Hall of Fame” music rights belong to SME.

42 thoughts on “5 year-old baseball kid Christian Haupt 2014 MLB All-Star Game commercial & best first pitches”

  1. IT's interesting… I get that he is reincarnated from a life where he mastered baseball but that doesn't mean that's what he'll grow up and do this lifetime. OR it MAY be!!!!!! BECAUSE ofwho Christian is multi-dimensionally I know that if he CHOOSE to continue playing baseball this incarnation -he'd absolutely go alllll the way to the top of the major leagues (again!).

  2. When I was in tee-ball a long time ago, I was playing short stop because I was the only good player in the league. Then a very soft grounder rolled towards me so I grabbed it and threw it to an oblivious first base girl, if it had hit her she would've been hurt…

    That's why you pay attention!!

  3. I'm not saying he's bad but, people are saying he's gonna be a star at this young age. Really? I mean he's good but not that gooood. You have to be really good with a baseball and have a lot of strength

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