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25 Cockiest Fighters Get KTFO Part 6

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My latest compilation of fighters in combat sports who suffered knock out because of their cockiness.
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30 thoughts on “25 Cockiest Fighters Get KTFO Part 6”

  1. Man, edit your video. At 2:54 those guys doing Haka is not cocky. That is pure art and culture, man. Don't say Haka is cocky. Respect culture. Delete that part. Haka is a noble and respectable culture.

  2. Wait… WHAT!??? Saying "God bless" is cocky? What the fuck is wrong with you as a human being if you think saying "God bless" is a sign of cockiness! You are out of your fucking mind!

  3. I don't like seeing Emmanuel Augustus on these lists. Dude had his own style and was super humble. He wasn't being cocky, he just legitimately danced in the ring to throw his opponents off.

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