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2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Stone to Shoulder – Full Live Stream Event 5

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42 thoughts on “2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Stone to Shoulder – Full Live Stream Event 5

  1. Poor Mikhail. He basically let the 3rd place slip by at the last minute. All he needed to do was place the stone on his knees. He was the better man through all the contest.

  2. The ASC needs to get the Rogue commentators, Shawn and Dr. Crawford, to replace Mark and the other guy. It's pretty sad when the announcers cannot pronounce the athletes names correctly. You've got one !@#$ing job and you botched it. BIG thanks to Rogue for all the hard work and excellent coverage provided for ASC 2019.

  3. Mateusz has the most potential, but my god pay that man. $5k for a broken record, these guys put their bodies on the line. If you are the best out of 7 billion people at something like this, it should be worth more than a cheap used car.

  4. Remember when Arnold punched a truck into the moon and it exploded, and then he fucked a spaceship while it was entering our atmosphere at over 17,000 Mph? Those were the days…

  5. Absolutely amazing!
    And what a shame to get paid only 5000 bucks for that… Don't get me wrong, I don't think of 5000 bucks as little money… but it also isn't enough to live from it for a longer time and you can't compete on this level that often

  6. Looks like a KKK rally. They look like Neo Nazis. Thank GOD white mutants are going extinct. The world will be a better place. All this money going to this even could be going to My People starving in Africa.

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