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2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Day One Live Stream

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10 strongmen compete in 5 events over 2 days for the title of Arnold Strongman Classic Champion.

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2019 Arnold Strongman Classic

Event 1: Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift (3:00-4:15pm EST)

Rogue Record Breaker $50K Deadlift Challenge to follow

Event 2: Husafell Stone Carry (4:15-5:15pm EST)

25 thoughts on “2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Day One Live Stream

  1. 33:44 athlete intros
    46:55 opening deadlift 796lbs
    56:00 initial score card
    58:35 950lbs openers
    1:04:04 974lbs opener
    1:05:00 updated score card
    1:42:00 Halfthor 1105lbs finale deadlift attempt
    1:46:46 final score card
    1:47:14 World Record 1045lbs lift
    2:05:15 Brian Shaw 1021lbs lift
    2:09:09 stone carry opener
    2:31:00 Brian Shaw stone carry
    2:33:33 stone carry score card (distance to beat)
    2:34:34 Halfthor stone carry
    2:38:47 stone carry score card
    2:39:30 Day 1 standings after 2 events

  2. The best Arnold strongman classic ever. Rogue have done an amazing job, they should be very proud. Strongman is the best, I have already stopped powerlifting and started strongman and loving every minute of it

  3. Marc Henry is a pain in the ass.
    You ROGUE, did the sport a MASSIVE service.
    BUT! Barely hearing the audience killed the experience.
    Hope you can fix it next year.

  4. If you saw Belsak on the street, without knowing who he is, you would think nothing impressive of him.
    Sone athletes look like ANIMALS!
    Thor, obv.
    Mike Tyson(a freak, at ~18).
    But Belsak? Or Fedor Emalienko? ANIMALS inside a dadbod

  5. 7:24.., I dont think I would be wearing shorts when attempting a record of this weight, see how the shorts pushes against the bar?, its not much but its an obstacle.

  6. 20:16.., lucky to get one done in a 12 hour shift?.., I worked in aerospace where CNC machines would knock out a complex wing rib for an airbus A380 in under 3 hours, 4 per 12 hour shift.

  7. Take a look at Thors left foot at his 501kg attempt. Its just a small movement but surely could have made a difference in power at that level. He might have failed anyway but 490kg he could have done. The 501kg will be done next year probably.

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