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1995 Efren Reyes history-making Z-shot you will love

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Posted with express consent of Accu-Stats # 062916. Full 107 mins. match DVD available from Accu-Stats (S21-11d). Even Efren’s opponent, Strickland loved it and knew this remarkable shot meant victory for Efren. Score was 12-12 in race-to-13 final. Efren was in deep trouble and came with this zigzag beauty (the now-famous Z-shot from 1995’s Sands Regency Open 9-ball). A sheer dazzler that received a standing ovation from all the lucky folks in attendance. Earl’s sportsmanship on this occasion was almost as remarkable as Efren’s shot. Earl later told a billiards magazine reporter: “That shot will become part of pool history.”

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