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10 NFL Players Who Were Unjustly ROBBED of the Rookie of the Year Award

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Many NFL legends and current superstars simply didn’t live up to the hype in their rookie years. This is no shame. We all know that you have to learn some tough lessons before you succeed. It’s the way of life…

Well, at least sometimes it is.

We’ve seen some absolutely incredible and jaw-dropping rookie seasons from some NFL greats. Some were so dominant, in fact, that you’d think they would win the Offensive or Defensive Rookie of the Year Award.

But over the years, we’ve seen the wrong guy win Rookie of the Year, while a more deserving player was totally robbed of the honors.

Today we present 10 NFL players that were robbed of the rookie of the year award.

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31 thoughts on “10 NFL Players Who Were Unjustly ROBBED of the Rookie of the Year Award

  1. Baker had limited talent around him. Jarvis laundry, David Njoku, Nick Chubb, Antonio Callaway, mean while saquon playing be hind the 25th ranked O-line with an aging quarter back and still put up 2000 scrimmage yards.

  2. Barkley deserved it. People who say it's because of Baker actually winning the games for his team…be quiet. Baker is the quarterback who controls the field on offense. Barkley is the running back who had one of the worst o-lines in the NFL and still had over 1300 on the ground and 700 in the air. That's 2000 yards for a rookie running back with a bad team around him. Baker had Chubb, Landry, Callaway who isnt seen as a threat but still had 5 TD and 580 yards recieving. Baker has a good o-line. Baker is great don't get me wrong, but with more of a supporting cast around him, he thrives even more.

  3. Barkley definitely deserved the OROTY over Baker since he was most of the Giants offense and had very little help around him, Baker had multiple weapons on offense and an up and coming team while the Giants are still technically rebuilding

  4. Isn’t it strange how their claim for pat Pete winning over von Miller was his impact on special teams. Miller gets 10+ sacks and Peterson gets 2 picks but since he could return punts he should win defensive Roy. His main impact was more offensive then defensive

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