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10 Moments That RIPPED The HEARTS Right Out Of Cleveland Sports Fans’ Chests

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YNo city in America has endured as much heartbreak, despair, and pain as the city of Cleveland. Take away the Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA Championship victory, and it’s been nothing but misery for the good folks in The Land.

You can write a whole book series about the gut-wrenching losses this city has gone through over the last 30 years. But we thought we’d be nice and narrow it down to 10.

Today we present the 10 most painful Cleveland sports moments.. And a big shout out to Kaiden Braught for suggesting this video!

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Host + Editor: DeQwan Young
Writer: Alex Hoegler

49 thoughts on “10 Moments That RIPPED The HEARTS Right Out Of Cleveland Sports Fans’ Chests

  1. This is a awful video to watch if you like Cleveland which I do. All these people in the comments know nothing about what it’s like to be a fan of these teams and their history.

  2. Top 10 Pros to play for Houston and never win a championship (as players)

    Jeff Bagwell
    Nolan Ryan
    Craig Biggio
    Warren Moon
    Earl Campbell
    Andre Johnson
    Yao Ming

    Ugh, I'm going to stop now

  3. Man I really feel sorry for our brothers in Cleveland. I mean how much heartbreak can a city take in one life. Besides winning an NBA championship all their other sport franchises have to feel like they’re in hell right now.

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