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10 GREATEST Fictional Sports Characters Of All-time

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Who do you think is the greatest fictional sports movie character ever?

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I’m Mike Cantalupo, and today we present the 10 Greatest Fictional Sports Movie Characters EVER!

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Host: Mike Cantalupo
Editor: Jason Biondo
Written By: Alex Hoegler

30 thoughts on “10 GREATEST Fictional Sports Characters Of All-time”

  1. WOW Kenny tlyer, the 6th man, Joe Kane, the program, Paul Crew, Ricky Bobby, White Goodman WIlly Beamen Jacike Moon Scott Howard, Nathan and Lucas Scott Coach Bud Kilmer Jimmy dugan Jerry Maguire, tony damato, Tim riggins, Smash WIllamS, Matt sarcen, Jason Streets, Vince Howard, Yall my boys i dont event think rudy is on the list

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