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Zandvoort 3D Circuit Guide | Dutch Grand Prix

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The Dutch Grand Prix returns in 2020. Take a sneak peek at the 3D Circuit Guide you’ll be seeing on your broadcast!

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42 thoughts on “Zandvoort 3D Circuit Guide | Dutch Grand Prix

  1. Great track..
    Problem is with the cars…
    Way too much downforce..
    Still creating way too much dirty air..
    All cars basically look the same..
    F1 lost its soul years ago.

  2. I’ve driven a laser scanned version of this in Assetto Corsa. It really won’t suit F1 cars, especially modern F1 cars which perform much better on wide and smooth tracks. I think Zandvoort is a great track, just maybe not for Formula 1…

  3. They can locate all the camera's at turn 1. At the rest of the circuit you have 0.001% of an overtake. I also vote for renaming it to "The Holland Grand Prix" Since generally only the people on Holland want it at Zandvoort not the rest of The Netherlands. And if you say that "The Holland Grand Prix" Then at-least the name sounds as stupid as the decision to return to this circuit.

  4. F1: we want more money. Verstappen has a lot of fans, although the circuit is shit, lets bring back dutch gp and steal their money
    Verstappen fans: yes

  5. Liberty Media, F1 guys. I'm happy that Holland will have once again its f1 grand prix and Max Verstappen now has an home grand prix. I like this track because it's very "old school", with a mix of medium & fast, long corners.
    However… This, clearly, isn't a track very suitable for modern f1 racing cars. It's too narrow, quite short, and without a decent straight.
    I follow F1 since early 90's and I am someone who wouldn't want historic tracks to be modified. But, in this case, I think the track should be changed and stretched in order to deliver better racing to the fans.

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