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Your Favourite Canadian Grand Prix – 2011 Button’s Epic Victory

“The win of his career” and an all-time classic – Jenson Button wins Formula 1’s longest-ever Grand Prix in 2011, and F1’s Twitter followers name the race their clear winner. Keep watching for exclusive insight from Jenson.

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28 thoughts on “Your Favourite Canadian Grand Prix – 2011 Button’s Epic Victory

  1. 2008 and 2014 anyone? Both maiden wins for drivers, and both had spectacular action all the way through. Kubica's was just amazing with all the backstory, and Ricciardo getting it on the closing laps, those 2 should have been up there, maybe they were 4th and 5th.

  2. Stunning victory but I can't help but think it might have been very different had Jenson not knocked his teammate out of the race. After all Hamilton is also fantastic in the wet. Jenson's reckless driving in this race does detract from his achievement in my opinion but still nonetheless a wonderful piece of driving and gripping race to watch

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