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Your Favourite Belgian Grand Prix – 1998 Chaos & Carnage in Spa

There were plenty to choose from, but F1’s Twitter followers chose 1998 as their favourite Belgian Grand Prix. It was a race that had it all…

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21 thoughts on “Your Favourite Belgian Grand Prix – 1998 Chaos & Carnage in Spa

  1. I remember that morning (in my country), still in bed watching the race, I just coulndt stop laughing about that crash!!!! And the funniest thing was that Esteban Tuero saved his ass being the last driver.

  2. You mean, all this was enough for Damon "The pretender" hill to call eddie and manipulate him into giving team orders so he could benefit from the win as he knew he'd be passed other wise.

  3. Interestingly what would happen if they didn't stop the race and how many drivers would finish the race ;). Quite a start huh ;). All the bad things in this race were connected with DC – David Coulthard.

  4. Not the best era of F1 but for sure it was still very exciting at times. Damon definitely used to rattle Michael, even though Michael was ultimately a tiny bit better all round driver.

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