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What Do All the Formula 1 Flags Mean?

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Some of them you see all the time. Some of them, hardly ever. Here’s our guide to F1’s flags.

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34 thoughts on “What Do All the Formula 1 Flags Mean?

  1. We need to get rid of blue flag. It just means that slow cars have to slow down further and fast cars can go even faster – instead of fast cars actually having to use skill to overtake, and slow cars being able to defend and fight with skill.
    Burn the blue flags please. Without them, drivers would actually have to fight if they want to win, instead of just driving and everyone going out of your way.

  2. Chequered Flag:The Hamilton Flag
    Yellow Flag:When Maldonado Hits a wall
    Double Yellow Flag:When Maldonado Hits a Barrier
    Black and Orange flag:A car in front of Verstappen must head to the pits
    Black Flag:When Maldonado Gets DSQed
    Black and White flag:Crashing Grosjean
    Blue Flag:Vettel Flag
    Red Flag:When Maldonado Crashes other drivers at Monaco

  3. i always feel like the allow the leader to pass is kinda dumb like they should have to fight to get by a slower car thus making the racing closer by allowing the places behind first to catch up and try and overtake

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