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War Of Words: Verstappen, Vettel And Ricciardo | Mexico Grand Prix 2016

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Things got more than a little heated between the two Red Bull drivers and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel as the #MexicoGP reached its climax. Here’s what they had to say afterwards… and before Vettel had been handed a 10-second penalty, promoting Daniel Ricciardo to third and relegating the German to fifth behind Max Verstappen.

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29 thoughts on “War Of Words: Verstappen, Vettel And Ricciardo | Mexico Grand Prix 2016”

  1. Thing is Verstappen is younger than Vettel yet he's calling Vettel a child. And he just storms across a corner like he's crossing the fucking Atlantic just CHARGE!!!!!!!!!

  2. If Verstappen had just given up the position right away he most likely wouldn't have been penalized. So using Hamilton's incident is kind of low. If he didn't have a penalty he most likely wouldn't have much to say about Hamilton.

  3. Hamilton cut the corner and gained advantage, if he didnt cut the corner he would drop at least 3 or 4 positions so everyone who says he lifted and SC came out so it doesnt matter – you are wrong couse there is no way he could make that corner and remain first so obviously he did gain massive advantage

  4. First Im a F1 fan not a driver fan. Drivers come and go F1 is there forever yunnow. Drivers just shape F1, they give colour and charme and then move on, as for drivers: they are all crybabies with to big salary! and the biggest crybaby is living like a plant right now and it seems the more world titles you get the harder you start to cry everytime. they are all spoiled little brats who fell asleep and forgot about what racing is all about, all of them no exeption! UNTILL a new one is rising. The difference is what little max is doing is waking everybody up and opening peoples eyes just like our plant friend did in his beginning of his career REMEMBER!!! they had to look up the rules to see what max did was legal cq exceptable, and guess what they found: it was legal, FIA said sorry ferrari but this is racing thanks for bringing it up though. Funny thing is they could not do anything about it and on the other hand could not be ignored, the only thing they could do was to Highlight some of the already existing (forgotten) rules of defending your position and pay more attention to it. So all bs it is. I hope max will continue to drive like this for he is like this(confirmed by the stewards and even B.E). And too drivers who cannot keep their cool during racing should retire, for they are dangerous!!!. It is by far not dangerous how max is driving, its refreshing, old school yes, on edge yes, but no way dangerous, his situational awareness is amazing for someone of his age, most drivers lack that alot even after years of driving (any class). His driving keeps them drivers awake and sharp and gives them a mental kick in the butt to keep push forward, never to give up! but keep your cool always. Oh and to vettel: hey m8 if you cant take the heat under your feet please retire and go do something else less dangerous, for example take your kid out skiing.

    this is written pre-brazil. After brazil you all know what i mean……

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