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Verstappen And Vettel Collide | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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All the angles and all the reaction after Sebastian Vettel collides with Max Verstappen in Japan – all but ending his 2018 title hopes.

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44 thoughts on “Verstappen And Vettel Collide | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix”

  1. There was a gap but not enough. Also Vettel carried so much speed there were no other option for him instead of go for it. He could just easy on this part and got max on 130 or straights.

  2. Honestly at the beginning of the season I was really hoping that better would win and am still much more of a Ferrari fan but Hamilton has done much better season and deserves the championship much more for being the better driver

  3. C'mon Seb…why ? Why You tried there? 150 meters later there would be a loooong loooong straight to try a move. Not a Champion behaviour at all.

  4. When I first saw this happening, I thought Vettel was an absolute idiot. Now that I'm much more awake, though, I can kind of see what he was going for. He definitely carried too much speed into the corner to make it, and I still hold him responsible for the contact, but at least I can see that there was actually a space to lunge for. As for the stewards' "no further action" decision… I'm not happy about it, but I'm not absolutely furious about it now that I'm fully awake.

  5. I wonder why Vettel waited for so long before rejoining. Surely he could get up to speed along the run-off area (since this is a slow corner and the speeds aren't high) and rejoin in a more comfortable position?

  6. I agree that this attempt was risky but all the racing rule books say that if someone gets the inside line and is at least halfway to the other car, the one on the outside needs to give enough room. As always, Max choose to be aggressive and not sensible and thus, we had another collision. And he shouldn't be there as the collision with Raikkonen should have been penalised much more severe. Not safe driving at all from him repeatedly since he joined F1. FIA should have been srticter towards this type of driving. Maldonado has the name, Max has the grace it seems…

  7. Vettel is a fuckin' moron. He FLEW in there expecting that Max would just run off the track to make room for him?

    He's garbage. Bring in someone who isn't as much of a fuckin' retard and maybe they'll actually win a title again.

  8. That's why Fernando left Ferrari, poor decisions at crucial stages just like one we saw in yesterday's qualifying..And maybe this video is the reason why Ferrari should leave Vettel, he is making a fool out of everyone back in the Ferrari factory with such irresponsible drives on the track..!!

  9. I'm #teamLH everyday all day, but I do kinda feel bad for Seb and the "Bobo The Clown" blunders he's made as well as Ferrari in general in the 2nd part of the season. Now Get In There & Take The Championship in Austin Lewis!

  10. Really Max? Seb understeered into your car. Well i believe him that he felt it that way but he's wrong. You can clearly see in seb's onboard that there was neither under- or oversteering for seb and he stayed as far inside as he possibly could until he touched Max. This touch unsettled the Ferrari and made Seb go wide. Of course it was a risky move and Seb should have waited a few corners but the crash is max' fault because he didn't leave enough space.

  11. Your mistake Sebastian.
    You spun because you dove and that means you broke late.
    Max gave you the space you needed had you hit the brakes on time, but you didn't.
    I really don't get it.
    You could've overtaken him easily on the straight right out that corner or the straight in front of the pit wall but no…. it had to be there didn't it?

  12. Ferrari fans when Max jumps the inside of Seb in china: F#$@# MAX SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED
    Ferrari fans when Seb jumps the inside of Max in japan: F#$@# MAX SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED

  13. Thats a really THICK trolling from Max. Im gonn to explain my opinion.
    This incident has 2 contacts basically:
    0:23 – when Vettel is diving inside and attacking the curb
    0:24 – when he loses the car and clashing with red bull on outside
    Max has put on some pressure on Vet and went for contact. And then Seb lost his car. And Max can get clean out of it.
    Anyway, with such braking and diving Seb would crash into Redbull at the outside. Or he must slow down and give him go fist to the next, more slow corner.

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