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Top 5 Overtakes Of The Last 5 Years

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Was it Raikkonen on Schumacher at Spa or maybe Vettel overtaking Alonso at Silverstone? Find out which high-speed move finished top in our Twitter poll.

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28 thoughts on “Top 5 Overtakes Of The Last 5 Years

  1. I'm so happy that was before the days of Verstappen hype
    Today in the top 5 overtakes of the last 50years verstappen would probably be 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st

  2. Come on, this doesn't deserve to be the on the top of the list, Alonso exiting the pits and arriving side-by-side with Webber at Eau Rouge, it is just common sense that he would have to lift his foot or someone would die. There were many better and more intelligent moves in these 5 years that deserved to go on the list.

  3. 5. Alonso in final critical Race VS "Friend" and "Partner who works for him". Very funny
    4. Kimi could wait as much as he wants (till Eau Rouge), because Michael`s wheels were dead
    3. Ok
    2. Just two lucky brazilians… which are for each other
    1. Two friends again

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