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Top 5 Moments | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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Which was your most memorable moment from an eventful weekend at Suzuka?

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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Moments | 2018 Japanese Grand Prix”

  1. I thought during the race the Alonso random corner cutting while ignoring the whole chicane/runoff from the proper chicane was probably because he was going to fast and could not brake in time because he just came from the grass.
    Now I can say he had enough time and room to brake and make the corner, but instead he was really giving ZERO f*cks about the corner and went full rally mode

  2. This is worst F1 has been in a long time. No one is racing, the tires are a yoke, same guy winning everything, wingman is too slow to fight, Mercedes and its dirty tactics, Ferrari/Seb making too many errors, Red Bull too slow to compete, top 6 results already decided before racing even begins, bunch of dirty noobs/pay drivers in F1.5 (mag, stroll, ericson) etc

  3. Enough is enough fire vettel hire ocon and Hass has one of the worst and idiotic driver lineups one grosjean yells all time and another magnussen moves his ass all time

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