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Top 5 | Jackie Stewart's Greatest F1 Victories

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As the three-time world champion celebrates his 80th birthday, we look back on five of his greatest moments on track.

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50 thoughts on “Top 5 | Jackie Stewart's Greatest F1 Victories

  1. As a side note, Stewart himself reckoned Johnny Herbert's victory at the Nurburgring in 1999 (driving for Stewart-Ford) was worth more to him as a team principal than any of his 27 wins as a driver.

  2. TIL Jackie Stewart and Jean Alesi shared the same birthday (11 June), although their ages are separated by 25 years but Jean Alesi did won the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix on his 31st birthday while Jackie Stewart never won a race on his birthday but yet he's still legendary for having 3 titles, the most titles ever set by a British F1 driver for 44 years from 1973 to 2017 (the year where Lewis Hamilton claimed his 4th title and 2018 is the year he claimed his 5th. I hope he could claim his 6th in this season)! 👍

  3. 80th birthday of a legendary F1 driver and half of the comments I've seen so far are about the freaking penalty. This is just stupid ffs.
    Anyway, happy birthday Jackie Steward

  4. Sir Jack Brabham, won three world championships, (one in a car of his own construction) I want to see a top 5 best moment of Sir Jack's F1 Carear. Who's racing life went into his 40's before he continued to race in other forms of Motorsport.

  5. Jackie Stewart's victory at Monaco in 1971 was magnified even more by the fact that he noticed on the way to the grid that the brake balance bar of his car had failed. This meant that he was braking with the front wheels only. The fact that he had such pace and won by such a margin emphasises his skill that day in adapting his driving style to accommodate the braking problems of his car. Amazing

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