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Rosberg And Hamilton Collide | Spanish Grand Prix 2016

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Disaster for Mercedes, as teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg clashed on Lap 1 in Barcelona. Revisit the most dramatic moments of the 2016 F1 season.

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41 thoughts on “Rosberg And Hamilton Collide | Spanish Grand Prix 2016”

  1. Rosberg's fault:
    Omg,it's Nico its Nico this is totally unfair and dirty he should be penalised and banned from F1.

    It's no one's fault actually it was a racing incident

  2. the most impressive piece of driving in this video was sainz' start! passes raikkonen on the straight, bottas around the outside of turn 2, and then around the outside of vettel at turn 4! unfortunately no-one noticed it as everyone was focused on the crash.

  3. Wish there was more great and happy moments like this with these silver pieces of shit crashing out. But this season Bottas is forbidden to even get close to hamilton, so unfortunately it's very unlikely to happen.

  4. Hamilton threw the steering wheel again lol.

    This is exactly what would have happened with Vettel and Webber too if Webber didn't turn off the engine. It was too risky to overtake his own team mate.

  5. There is a plus side of this, apart from someone different winning, at least Mercedes management didn't rush to a conclusion as to who was to blame. When Webber and Vettel collided with each other in Turkey 2010, they (incorrectly in my opinion) seemed to point the blame more on one driver than the other

  6. rosberg is a cheat, there is no other way to put it. he didnt win the championship through skill, it was pure good luck nothing else. and why would you retire after winning the world championship? because he wouldn't EVER be able to do it again

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