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Robert Kubica’s F1 Career Milestones

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After a hugely promising F1 career was stopped in its tracks seven years ago, the Pole will return to action with Williams in 2018.

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29 thoughts on “Robert Kubica’s F1 Career Milestones”

  1. Feels like they are putting him in the car as a reserve so they can get him a seasons experience in the modern cars and making sure he can cope on the tight tracks with his injuries before putting him in full time in 2019, hell I'd not be surprised if Vettel didn't ask for him to replace Kimi, I mean… no way he is going to let Ricciardo show him up again! Besides, what other options do they have, Ferrari don't do young drivers anymore for whatever reason.

  2. Keep in mind those BMW's and Renault's were nowhere near being really competitive cars in those seasons. It was Roberts talent that made them work.
    I'm really thrilled with this – even though he's only gonna be testing for Williams, but if they would let him drive, we might be up for some more top class racing in F1.

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