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On board – Vettel’s Spa lap record | 2009 Belgian Grand Prix

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Watch Sebastian Vettel’s scorching lap record set in 2009 at Spa.

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32 thoughts on “On board – Vettel’s Spa lap record | 2009 Belgian Grand Prix

  1. Best I can do is 1:52.2 on Forza 6 right now. That is with suggested braking. That he can demolish that time with a real f1 car on the line, and his own ass, proves to me the balls these guys have.

  2. It's just insane how fast they go. Even though I fly airplanes regularly at that speed and above, I could not even imagine driving at that speed. It must be so invigorating to be strapped into one of these land rockets and do what Vettel and others do regularly.

  3. God modern f1 cars look so ugly compared to the 90's ones. Stupid big road sweeper front wing with overly high nose, squashed narrow stance and that shopping cart rear wing.

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