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Nine Things F1 Will Miss About Fernando Alonso

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Two-time Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso has announced that 2018 will be his final season in F1. We’re going to miss him…

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36 thoughts on “Nine Things F1 Will Miss About Fernando Alonso

  1. A Great Driver, who will be dearly missed. His Destiny did not allow him to win more championships.
    But his talent is unmatchable.
    Thank you Alonso, you were Formula 1 for the whole of last decade !!
    Forza Alonso !!

  2. What Alonso also has shown is how important the right car is. Vettel, Hamilton, Raikonen and Bottas would also be driving in the middle or the back if they didn't have their Ferrari's and Mercedes'. Same with Red Bull and Ricc/Ver of course.

    This is why F1 should find a way to make things more equal and to see the real great drivers come out on top.

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