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Nico Hulkenberg Puts it on Pole | 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix

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By all accounts, Nico Hulkenberg had a very strong rookie season for Williams back in 2010 – but nobody expected him to notch a pole position at just 23 years old. A drying track and a brave gamble to slick tyres provided the opportunity, and the German didn’t need asking twice…

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47 thoughts on “Nico Hulkenberg Puts it on Pole | 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. Sad for f1 that bitches like bottas and kimi get top drives and beasts like the hulk don’t even get a chance. Kimi fans can stfu if you’re going to moan at this comment. Hulk would do twice the job kimi has done in the last 5 years!

  2. Kimi is like Wenger. Done a mediocre job for years but his fans can’t accept it because they’re so deluded. Any other driver could do a better job than what kimi has done. He’s been absolutely dominated by vettel who apparently to some fans is a shit driver!

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