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Michael Schumacher’s F1 Debut | 1991 Belgian Grand Prix

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It was the race weekend that started it all. Join us as we go 28 years back in time to Michael Schumacher’s debut race weekend with Jordan, where he caught the attention of the world of motorsport for the first time.

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30 thoughts on “Michael Schumacher’s F1 Debut | 1991 Belgian Grand Prix

  1. Wow! Great to see all the Schumacher content this week… GIVE US MORE! How about some on his qualification battles with Mika, Montoya, Kimi, Alonso and his battles with the greats of the sport such as, Senna, Prost, Mansell, Lewis?

  2. He admitted later that he wasn't confident in his grasp of the English language when he started in F1. In a way you can tell this as he kept his answers quite short

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