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Max Verstappen’s Incredible Opening Lap | 2017 Chinese Grand Prix

Max Verstappen powers from P16 to P7 during an astonishing first lap in Shanghai…

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43 thoughts on “Max Verstappen’s Incredible Opening Lap | 2017 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. I like his driving but at 2:00 he literally cuts that dude off by undercutting him then forcing him to the outside. if he's gonna drive that way, don't get mad when it's done back at ya.

  2. People should not judge Max on his character but on his racing… I def understand why people might think Max is not such cool personality like Senna
    but it's not his job to be some TV star, he is a racing driver and should do his show on track and not in interviews.

    That he is non emotional/ slightly boring dude doesn't make him a bad person, it actually makes him a good driver.
    He is cold as fuck, even more so than Kimi and assure you all, he is not the new Senna; he is even better!
    No disrespect to Senna, he was a visionary and a racing god but Max is the master of the racing universe.

  3. Having more grip combined with the balls to actually brake that late. Also a bit of luck, that Williams had to hit the brakes mid-corner to avoid him.

  4. You shouldn't compare Max to Senna. Senna only joined F1 at age 24 and won his first Championship age 28. Senna was still carting till age 22 and never won anything in carting. How was the carting career from Max? If they would be living at the same time Max would but teaching Senna.

  5. I really like the overtake on the last Williams (Massa?). His is going late on the brakes, goes a bit deep into the corner and forces the other driver to decide whether or not they are going to touch. He is playing this mind game with al the drivers.

  6. Much better than Senna. It reminds me to some demonstrations of Schumacher in Spa. Schumacher beated Senna, Mansell, and everyone in Spa 92 in the rain, now Max is ready for it…

  7. The only reason to watch F1 these days. Finally something happening, finally someone who can completely change up a race.
    Can't say it completely saves F1 however, aslong as they give out triple deluxe penalties for sneezing to loud.

  8. Great driving, but the 1 overtake on the Williams late in the lap wasn't fair. He forced the Williams more or less out of the corner. Nevertheless, brilliant driving 🙂

  9. Max is actually not rudely aggressive in his driving style; he just has this good understanding of braking that allows him to dive-bomb into corners but is still fair enough to give the guy fighting alongside him the proper space.

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