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Martin Brundle Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

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As a driver, he raced – and beat – the likes of Senna, Schumacher, and Hakkinen, but for a whole generation of F1 fans, Martin Brundle is ‘Mr Grid Walk’ – a man whose expert analysis and revolutionary approach to F1 broadcasting have won him multiple awards. In the fifth instalment of Beyond The Grid, presented by Bose, he chats with Tom Clarkson about his junior career, F1 glory days, and how he progressed to the commentary box…

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29 thoughts on “Martin Brundle Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast”

  1. Basically it is the view of every Brit with regards to f1, we are the best and that will never change. Sick and tired of that stance, yes there are some very engineers, aero people, commentators, and the like, who are British, yet most of it is has nothing to do with f1 as a whole. Bit like Brexit all over again. And you wonder why we don't like you? I hope you will get your wish of Brexit, Europe is better off without you.

  2. Lots of people saying he's biased, well I'm sure if you listened to German TV they would be too for Vettel, or Finland for kimi. Everyone knows Hamilton is the best driver and as always gets the most hate I.e. Schumacher and senna. He's won the Last ten rain affected races, and if you can't recognise that talent you're either a liar or an idiot.

  3. I was a fan of Brundle the driver but it's painfull to watch his gridwalks. Drivers don't want to speak to him, I don't want to hear him. And we keep getting pearls of wisdom telling us about oversteeer and aero and slippery when wet. Who do you think is watching F-1?

  4. I’m loving the not so subtle advert for The Economist. They snuck that one in there! Expensive these podcasts. Especially when the sport doesn’t make much money… cough cough

  5. 32:00
    Strangely, top speeds don't really reflect relentless acceleration. And that's starting each straight pretty much the fastest ever.
    Drag is tredmendous. 1000hp to go 320kph, and have no acceleration left.

  6. I always listen to Brundle because Dutch commentary is so biased…
    Im aware Brundle has his preferences but trust me, it's nothing compared to the MadMax dickslurp jizzfest bonanza on Dutch tv.

  7. Brundle isnt a fan of Hamilton at all, but as most brits are he is very pro brittish, or however you wanna call it. And theres nothing wrong with that even as proffesional commentator. Sky probably forces him to praise Hamilton into the heavens, (wich it typical Sky style) as it was very Obvious during the Coulthard/Brundle commentary days on BBC that he wasnt charmed of Lewis in any form or shape and openly spoke about it.  2nd best commentator after Murray walker, and the absolute best of gridwalks and roasting Bernie Ecclestone and being respected for it.
    Sky have censored the aboslute savage Brundle could be if he'd let his mind speak.So ye, thats Sky for ya

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