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Martin Brundle Escapes Four Car Pile-up | 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix

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The Brazilian Grand Prix has seen some serious incidents over the years, but few are as dramatic as the opening race of 1994, when Martin Brundle was miraculously unharmed after a multi-car shunt…

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48 thoughts on “Martin Brundle Escapes Four Car Pile-up | 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. I wish I could remember when, but while commenting a race a few years ago, Brundle said he did NOT get away uninjured, but he didn’t seek treatment. He said he felt confused the rest of the day, and forgot things almost immediately after they happened. Fortunately, mild concussions usually heal themselves without long-term issues.

  2. 3 races for bad mirror use. Those were the days safety was really on the agenda.
    2017, a driver comes alongside the race leading car, rams it laterally, all under safety car. And get a 10-second penalty, still plenty of championship point and a verbal slap of the wrist.

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