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Lewis Vs. Seb And The Top 10 Onboards | 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

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Epic overtakes, high-speed crashes and *that* race incident – all the best track action from the cockpit in partnership with Emirates.

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49 thoughts on “Lewis Vs. Seb And The Top 10 Onboards | 2019 Canadian Grand Prix

  1. is noone going to bring up the debris that could have really hurt Gro if not for the Halo? I mean there was a death in Indycar a couple years ago that was the result of a similar incident, mind you at a much higher speed than at that point on the course but it could have hit him in the head and knocked him out at the minimum.

  2. 3:10 dam! It was not magnusswn fault! His adviser timing was crap! Magnussen was distracted! Ty fia for showing the rest of the story! Very important information! Listen to his adviser just before the crash! That adviser should not advise ! Timing is critical and the deiver need the adviser to chose the moment carefully! Keep up the good work magnussen it wasn’t your fault! The speaker in your headphone was at fault

  3. I can’t believe I’ll say this! Honda is ahead of ferrari and Mercedes!
    By a fair margin! Better hope Honda or red bull or toro Rossi find ways to get grip ! Cause their motorisation is ahead of ferrari and mercedes

  4. I don't enjoy any driver crashing. But it was satisfying to see Hamilton hit the wall. I'm a huge fan. And he seemed infallible, (driving wise) lately. Also it shows to his strength. Because on any give track where there's at least a crash or mistake. He has been mostly unscathed. No doubt the track or car was difficult this weekend for many.

  5. Honda hasn’t found a way to get all of that power to the asphalt yet! Probably not enough testing or driver are sketish! Verstappen chance of being number 2 this season 90%

  6. The more I look at the incident that caused Vettel to get his penalty, the more it seems justified. I think we're all just pissed because it wasn't a fight to the finish between 2 drivers who seem to outclass everyone else on track.

  7. I love how Hamilton cries for a penalty but once he hears the fans boo he tries to pull Seb up to the top of the podium as if he’s this great guy. That all seemed so fake.

  8. Looking at the Vettel's onboard, I think the saving is very frequently and smooth. Because he drives from grass to asphalt, the kerb between these two could definitely cause a little bit flying (which the grid reduced). And the turning right after the grass is a totally muscle memory saving. No offense, but I think Hamilton gave too early gas. Even if Vettel went into left or right wall, Lewis would have a big chance to touch.

    Also, we can judge their action by logic of course. But things happened in about 2-3 seconds. Which means both driver used their sense or muscle to make it best. I mean, each driver had made a great decision when they were there. And that is really worth admiring! Both of them and everybody who sits in the driver seats!

  9. I guess Seb was penalised for this steer when front hit the tarmac but he was rejoining track and at the same moment rear was oversteering so he was pushed stronger towards wall and was forced to countersteer desperately. I'm not steward but I would vote "not guilty".

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