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Lewis Hamilton’s Stunning Pole Lap | 2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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After Red Bull and Ferrari dominated practice, not many predicted pole position for Lewis Hamilton in Singapore. Over to the Mercedes man himself for an earth-shattering lap of Marina Bay…

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26 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton’s Stunning Pole Lap | 2018 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. Absolutely stunning lap. I'm currently playing f1 2018 and done this course a couple of days ago. Now I know a game will never compare to the real racing but I watch this and think 'how does he manage that corner in 3rd' etc. Makes me want to go back and retry

  2. I'm lucky enough to be able to remember Ayrton Senna when he was at his peak. He was the absolute master of the last-ditch, hang it all out and leave everything on the track, qualifying lap. Hamilton & Schumacher are the only two drivers in my living memory who have come close to being capable of that kind of lap on a consistent basis. If I had one F1 wish, it'd be that Senna was still around today to see F1 in it's current form and maybe even take one of the cars out.

  3. I am not a mercedes fan, but ignore the car, ignore the lap time, ignore the floodlights, and just pay attention to the almost artistry of, agruably, the best driver giving a masterclass in placing a car mm perfect on every apex, and the application of power through corners from approach to exit every single time.
    I am not a lewis fan ( or a bottass, seb, kimi fan either) but this level of sporting excellence needs recognition. And teaching to every kid starting karting or basic open wheel formulas

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