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Johnny Herbert Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

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This week on Beyond The Grid, presented by Bose, we’re joined by Johnny Herbert, a man for whom the phrase ‘triumph over adversity’ seems tailor made. Herbert’s career came to an abrupt halt when he suffered horrific damage to his feet in an F3000 crash. But, as he tells host Tom Clarkson, he refused to let his potentially life-changing injuries stand in the way of his dream of racing in Formula 1 and winning Grands Prix.

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24 thoughts on “Johnny Herbert Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast”

  1. Johnny Herbert is an absolute champion driver. He piloted the 787B Mazda R26B to Outright VICTORY in Le Mans and did so only to be so exhausted he couldn't make it on to the podium. His input in to the FD3S RX-7 around the NÜR has given it sublime handling that beat Porsche THREE TIMES in Australian production endurance racing and still rivals modern cars today. Johnny, you're a legend and a fantastic commentator. Thanks for your contribution to the motoring industry. I tip my hat to you 🇦🇺🏁

  2. Timestamps – For Mobile platforms

    0:00 – Intro – Bose Ad
    0:23 – Johnny Herbert Intro
    1:44 – Once a racer, Always a racer
    5:31 – F1 Safety
    10:50 – Brands Hatch F3000 Accident/Recuperation
    27:45 – Transition into Formula 1 and belief of getting there after the huge accident.
    30:32 – Bose Ad
    31:48 – '89 First test and First race
    36:26 – Early days/'89-91 Seasons
    43:28 – Dawn of Paddle Shift Gearboxes
    47:46 – Which was your best race win?
    51:08 – How did you manage to get back to Bennetton after '89
    58:52 – Looking back at Johnny's greatest achievement in Formula 1
    1:03:49 – Working as a Commentator for Sky F1
    1:07:03 – Tom's closing thoughts

    As always If there is any issues/timestamps that i missed feel free to comment and I will add it.

  3. Holy smokes! What a flashback! I remember how Johnny exploded onto the scene and as a kid I was absolutely in awe with the result he produced in RIO knowing that he had made it through such a horrific accident (that Benetton was pretty sexy). Now after hearing what was happening behind the scenes. YIKES!

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