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Jean Todt Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

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Sitting at the top of motorsport, FIA President Jean Todt’s storied career has taken him to all corners of the sport he loves. From rally, world sportscar and Le Mans he’s experienced it all – including how he nurtured the prancing horse of Ferrari back to world champions, and he talks about it all on our Beyond The Grid podcast, supported by Bose.

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20 thoughts on “Jean Todt Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

  1. People saying Jean Todt is a bad Fia President yet they stopped giving penalties for stupid shit now..and look how open F1 is now

    Before it was closed off to the Hyper Rich and or powerfull pple

  2. The worst thing to have happened to Formula 1. He won’t be missed as a FIA president. He has little regard for the fans. His obsession with political influence ruined Formula 1 to this point.

  3. The world floats along on the jetsam and flotsam of perverted old men who don't care about anything but money. Todt is just a useless globalist-loving appendage.

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