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Jean Alesi Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

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In the latest episode of our official podcast, supported by Bose, we sit down with one of the fastest and most charismatic figures from the 1990s – former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi…

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24 thoughts on “Jean Alesi Interview | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

  1. Jean and Ayrton were my childhood heroes. I wished a team with them as team mates. When Jean left Ferrari i stopped being a Ferrari fan. Monza 94, Monaco 95 and Suzuka 95 broke my heart

  2. I don't get it about negotiations contract with Williams team for 1991. How Mansell contract negotiations influence the Alesi's decision go to the Ferrari?

  3. I wish you would've asked him about his helmet as a tribute to Elio de Angelis? The connection to Gilles is well known, but I've never heard anyone mention his connection to Elio.

  4. I wonder what it would've been like of he stayed at Ferrari with Schumacher instead of Irvine. I heard he left because he didn't want to be no.2 to him but I think he could've possibly won more races in '97 and '98. He might've won the championship in '99 when Schuey broke his leg.

  5. I would love it if you can do a podcast with Max Mosley if not Max than Bernie Ecclestone about the 70s racing era to this era of racing, Like safety, tracks, teams, bring in Sid Watkins as race doctor, racing scandal & more.

  6. Jean was my favourite driver (possibly ever) in the 90s. His story about how his first Ferrari contact was negotiated shows how much he undervalued his own talent and how modest he was. Great interview! Thanks TC

  7. just looking at that thumby,me and my classmates can’t stop giggling😂the face of you did what you’re not supposed to and won’tadmit to your parents and you won the argument.YESSSSS!silently screaming inside your head face

  8. I admired Jean Alesi when he was racing in F1. Then he retired from F1 then moved to another race series I was happy to hear it and I hoped the best for him. All of a sudden he appeared on Top Gear and I was so happy to know he was with the Lotus team so I know he is still not done with Formula cars yet. Still love him, a great driver

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