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How Fit Are F1 Drivers?

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It takes an awful lot of strength even to be able to hold on to a modern F1 car. Take a look at some of the exercises drivers put themselves through to prepare, and prove once and for all that F1’s finest are indeed athletes.

Analysis by Pete McKnight from Hintsa Performance

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37 thoughts on “How Fit Are F1 Drivers?

  1. 1:50 trying to figure out what track Russell is following here. Is it silverstone?

    His motions are quick right, light left, long right, long left, quick left, long left, long right. I think its the start to luffield

  2. I once drove the full Monaco race (78 laps) on my PC…I thought I was going to die…I've never been so exhausted.
    If you relax for a split second you are smashing into a guard rail.

    I really think that what these guys do is a super-human feat of endurance/skill/bravery.
    Marathon runners average about the same heart rate but they don't have to constantly worry about having a life threatening crash.

  3. I have thought of being an F1 driver before, but i think i shall enjoy F1 on the confort of my sofa and a tub of ice cream after seeing how hard they train. Cant wait for 2019 season tho.

  4. don't get me wrong i LOVE Formula 1, but this video just proves that it is NOT a sport. these are childish exercises when you compare it to real physical sports like MMA, Football, Swimming, Power Lifting…etc. Motorsports is a completely different category from normal sports, and there is nothing wrong with that!! thats why i love it

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