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How Do You Start A Formula 1 Car?

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It’s not quite as easy as it sounds…

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29 thoughts on “How Do You Start A Formula 1 Car?”

  1. This is great content. F1 needs to be more open and informative like this. Youtube is a great communication channel for doing this, as it is free and accessible to anyone. I hope to see many more small videos like this to learn these sorts of interesting things about F1, especially at a time when fan support seems to be diminishing.

  2. Should have included the significant detail, the engines are machined to such close tolerances. When cold, the engine is essentially a solid block. The engine has to be warmed with oil which is warm, in order for the metal to expand! The process to start an F-1 car takes over an hour.

  3. takes 15 years into amg engineering to learn how to start the engine on a stupid f1 car
    takes mercedes 1 month in development to make the process twice as difficult u_u

  4. I think it was when I watched 'F1: On the Limit' that I heard a mechanic say the tolerances between piston and cylinder were so tiny that you couldn't start turn a cold F1 engine. It would just jam and break/bend pieces inside. You had to bring it up to temperature by running heated oil and water through it before you could even start it. Is this still true? Or was this something done to the ridiculous quali-engines that were only made to last 3 or 4 laps?

  5. – "Starting a Formula 1 car is A LOT more complicated than starting a road car."
    – Well how do you do it then?
    – "We wait for three green lights and then start the engine."
    – So it's basically like starting a road car.
    – "No, it's A LOT more complicated. We have a guy who looks if there are three greenlights, then we have a guy who starts the engine, then we have other guys who look at the engine and give thumbs up if everything is ok."
    – So it's basically like starting a road car, but you're just being anal about it.
    – "Yes."

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