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Formula 3 Round 7 Highlights | 2019 Italian Grand Prix

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Two unbelievable races in Monza, with four drivers in contention for the championship. Who would prevail? Watch Race 1 and Race 2 highlights as the third tier of F1 support reached fever pitch in the championship battle.

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27 thoughts on “Formula 3 Round 7 Highlights | 2019 Italian Grand Prix

  1. HOLY CRAP!!! The car ran over the Curb (the curb exploded) and it just sent the car Flying into the air (as if the curb was a ramp), the car then landed upside down on the tire barrier just narrowly missing the "When you drive never drink" sign! fortunately the driver was not seriously injured or worse, killed!

    I am surprised that this type of incident has not happened more often! Especially with the way the cars are always going over the curbs. The Engineers are going to have to examine the accident and determine exactly what happened and why the curb exploded and launched the car into the air like it did, to prevent this type of accident from happening in the future.

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