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Formula 2 Round 7 Sprint Race Highlights | 2019 British Grand Prix

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Sundays were made for sprinting! Re-live all the best bits of the action as the British F2 Sprint Race got going in Silverstone.

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38 thoughts on “Formula 2 Round 7 Sprint Race Highlights | 2019 British Grand Prix

  1. Anyone else hoping for Aitken to get a seat in F1 very soon, Renault is really his only possibility but if Ricciardo keeps outdoing Hulkenberg (even though they are close Hulkenberg is being outdone in most races), maybe they could sign him over Hulk. Their only other option would be Ocon if Mercedes do drop him, but tbh I think Aitken has a higher chance than Ocon.

    And then for Hulkenberg I would think Haas or Racing Point but Haas more than likely wont drop Kmag and Hulke probably would not be teamates with him, and then Perez would have to sign for Haas or be dropped from Racing Point which tbh I think De Vries may get Grosjeans seat and I dont think Perez would be dropped anytime soon.

    The other teams with a chance of dropping one of their drivers are Mercedes (Bottas), Ferrari (Vettel) (people may be confused but Vettel, from the second half of last season to now, 1 win, 1 pole. was beaten by Raikkonen points wise in the second half of last season, Leclerc is 3 points behind this season, hes making mistakes left right and centre (if you want me to name a few, ok Monza was a bit racing incident. 1. Japan, move on max into Spoon. 2. COTA move on Ricciardo. 3. Bahrain, spinning while alongside Hamilton which when you think about it couldve cost him a win. 4. Monaco, binned it in FP3. 5. Canada, lost the back end, over the grass returned unsafely, nearly took out Hamilton and a 5 second penalty which ultimately cost him the win. 6. Britain, plowed right into the back of Verstappen more than Kvyat ever done to him and actually 7. Germany although that was in the 1st half of the season so that's in 21 races he was involved in 8 incidents 7 being his fault that is to much and I feel he should be dropped but the only people I could see replacing him are Hamilton but he wants to beat as much records as possible so I think he'll swap in 2021 when he possibly has 7 World titles, Kimi but hes very at Sauber and Giovinazzi but hes not ready but hes starting to improve so maybe for the future. And then people go but hes still one of the best drivers on the grid he cant lose his seat but imo hes being out performed by Hamilton, Bottas, Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Norris, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, close with Giovinazzi, Kvyat, Albon, Perez, Stroll tbh, Magnussen, and Russell. I can even add last years drivers, Hartley (although not getting points he was doing great at the end of the season), Alonso, Ocon, Sirotkin (he had his good races and was never really involved in collisions),
    (This year Giovinazzi is improving and is on an upward spiral)
    (And Stroll has had some very good races like Canada, Australia, Baku but has been struggling in Quali and the Force India has not been good recently),

    Red Bull (Gasly), Sauber, (Giovinazzi but hes improving) and Williams (Kubica but I think that's Latifis) so honestly I think possibly Hulkenberg might be out of F1 next year

  2. This was the first time our lord and savior Godhunathan looked like he was in the same race as everyone else. Look out de Vries I sense a late challenger coming snatch that championship from you.

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