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Ferrari’s Maurizio Arrivabene | F1 Grill The Grid Team Bosses

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11 is the score to beat – will Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene seize top spot from Christian Horner? Time to find out…

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36 thoughts on “Ferrari’s Maurizio Arrivabene | F1 Grill The Grid Team Bosses”

  1. Utterly Amazing, Perfect before the shoot-out round, only missed the man with a chicane named for him and the most recent in Fisichella. An utter bastion of F1 history.

  2. haha Franz Tost = DNS, he propably was whining about renault engines instead of grilling the grid. althouh toro rosso has bad drivers who cant score points lol

  3. Wow he really knows his stuff! Really impressive memory for a guy pushing 60. Good for him. Hopefully Ferrari is able to polish their act for 2018 and walk away with a Championship.

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