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Ferrari Drivers Swap Positions | 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc swap places in Shanghai, as Ferrari looked to hunt down Mercedes…

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45 thoughts on “Ferrari Drivers Swap Positions | 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. Ferrari is just burning LeClerc’s career. He’s faster than Vettel most of the time. Ferrari does not want to be champion. They wanna win wit vettel to justify paying him his wages, and not look more stupid.

  2. omg…so ferrari tells leclerc to let vettel by because they think he could be faster and maybe gain on the mercs, but vettel is actually slower than leclerc and now leclerc is being held up by vettel.
    what a mess up

  3. Ferrari are just finding new ways to lose races. They let Leclerc go and the race may have been different. Time to stop favouring Vettel.

  4. Leclerc Fans: Don't despair. Leclerc is dominating the long game. Even if the whole season goes like this for him, by the end of the season Leclerc will have his pick of teams. He'll be able to tell Ferrari that either he is #1 in 2020, or another team will buy his contract. And he's looking like he'll be the #1 pick for the driver market for the 2021 rules change. He could dominate a whole era if things go well.

  5. please look up the stats.
    Vettel was faster then Lecrec but after destroying his tyres behind Lecrec because of the the air flow, Vettel couldnt manage to keep up the pace.
    SO all in all Ferrari shouldve let Vettel thru earlier. If Ferrari had let Vettel pass earlier, he wouldnt have messed up his tyres and Vettel would pull away from Lecrec.
    So all people who are saying Vettel was the bad one …. or some sort …. Your just naive!!!

  6. i hope ferrari gets rekt… forever! keep selling cars, but just keep sucking in F1. this is not what the sport is about, when we had nico and hamilton fighting, although it was only mercedes wins, we had some real action during races, some mistakes, lots of features that kept us engaged. not this schumacher-esque orchestra, that time and time again proves to fail the sport :/

    very good work from the F1 channel! if only we had live races on youtube haha

  7. Best part of the race, other than the end to put us out of our misery – the return of Ted Kravitz. Welcome back Ted, you raise the bar and add at least some interest to the sport at present.

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