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F1Esports 2018 | Esteban Ocon Goes Sim Racing

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The Force India driver has been playing racing games since he was six years old.

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21 thoughts on “F1Esports 2018 | Esteban Ocon Goes Sim Racing”

  1. I'd like to play a real F1 sim racing… I'd probably mess it up bad, but it would be fun to try…
    F1 2017 may be fun, but it's not very realistic.
    Still, you need strategy and racing knowledge to beat strong adversaries, that's why it is an eSport.

  2. Stop dissing the choice of sim/game and be happy sim racing in general is growing faster than ever before. This will only benefit all sim racers.

  3. erm.. the on board gameplay isn't him playing because that is on a controller, (you can tell with the steering input) and he is on a wheel…

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