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F1 Testing 2018: What Are Aero Rakes?

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Pre-season testing often reveals several unusual-looking sensors and unfamiliar protrusions – but what are they for? Wonder no more with our quick guide to aero rakes.

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31 thoughts on “F1 Testing 2018: What Are Aero Rakes?”

  1. master of cheap and short videos-YT-channel, like this is nearly same video like last year, also the music is the same! nobody explains nothing, just a few cheap textmessages… if someone explain it in english with spoken words YT is able to generate subtitles in other languages for people who don't speak english! disappointed by everything FIA and F1 dooing for the last few centuries, boring new tracks, strange countrys, to much races, to much safety, boring races, fuckn halo, ugly new logo, spaming to much cheap and short videos on the YT-Channel, disappointments everywhere, etc.etc.etc.pp. comes to an easy result: FIA kills F1 …-…  …but why?

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