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F1 Testing 2018 Highlights: Day 7

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The penultimate day of pre-season testing was the busiest so far with all 10 teams smashing a century of laps. And the unofficial track record was lowered for the second day running – this time by a red car!

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44 thoughts on “F1 Testing 2018 Highlights: Day 7”

  1. I can see a lot of positivity in the comment section today. Can't help it but to guess how different would it look if it was Hamilton setting that lap today

  2. 1:20 Halo seems to cover a lot from the cockpit camera's view. It's hard to see the state of the front wing, tires and suspensions, and whether the car hit any debris on the road. Maybe a higher camera position would make a difference.

  3. Well if testing is a sign of anything, Stroll clearly has more money than talent – basically near the bottom almost all the tests. I'm sure at least one of the tests they went for a fast lap. Maybe Kubica can replace him some races.

  4. "Magnussen was quick in P2, but 1.2 seconds slower". It's in a Haas goddamnit. Plus he was driving a tire compounds that is a lot slower that hypersofts. Magnussen definitely knows how to drive!

    Edit: He was quicker than Gasly who was also on hypersofts

  5. "ferrari on fire"

    lol… except because its only testing and laps aren't really representative of the cars true pace, we have no clue whether they're a wildfire, or a candle lit dinner.

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