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F1 Testing 2018 Highlights: Day 5

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The sun *finally* came out for the start of the second pre-season test – and plenty of teams lapped it up. But not all…

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45 thoughts on “F1 Testing 2018 Highlights: Day 5”

  1. I love how everyone just ignores the fact, that McLaren had a lot of good results in testing so far and now make fun of them because they had problems today…

  2. Looks like the field is more competitive throughout but it still looks like it's going to be a Ferrari vs Mercedes championship battle. Red Bull looks just as inconsistent and problematic as ever and they haven't been at the same pace as Ferrari nor Mercedes. I know testing times don't mean much, but still.

  3. When will McLaren learn they need to build a car around the engine, not expect others to build an engine around their aero concept. Toro Rosso are looking like they have a real chance of getting some serious points this season because they have worked with Honda and not just shouted at them and told them what they want.

  4. Lol Sainz, nice one. That shows some character we rarely see. A ballsy and deliberate off-track excursion to 'connect' to the old track. Class.

  5. Renault engines doing their thing again.

    So it's most likely gonna be a Mercedes and Ferrari battle again with Red Bull behind them.

    I'm expecting Torro Roso doing better than last year with the Honda engines. Seems like Honda did get their shit together with Renault has totally lost it since the hybrid engines were introduced. RIP Renault.

  6. Despite this being pre-season testing, it makes you wonder about the possibility that the downfall of the McLaren Honda partnership might have not been completely, and solely Honda's fault after all.

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