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F1 Testing 2018 Highlights: Day 4

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A drying track brought the times tumbling on the final day of the first pre-season test in Barcelona.

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26 thoughts on “F1 Testing 2018 Highlights: Day 4”

  1. So I did some numbers, avaliated the lap times of each driver and tweaked them up taking in account the tyres to try and get a picture of what would be the pecking order if everyone was on the same tyres and I took the following conclusions:

    – Mercedes seems to be the fastest by a small margin
    – It it really tight for second place between Ferrari, Red Bull and Renault
    – A bit behind that group it is pretty much all equal between Haas, Williams, Toro Rosso and Force India
    – Alfa Romeu are the slowest, but not far from the others.

    You might notice I missed McLaren. Well those are tricky because they ran mostly on the softer tyres available, but I got them pretty much on no man's land, they are faster than the mid-field group but slower than the front-runners, including Renault.

    As i said previously, we shouldn't look into laptimes on the first week, but I was bored and didn't wanna go to sleep so I did this. Take whatever you want from it, personally I wouldn't take much

  2. I guess I was wrong about Honda and Torro Rosso after all. Maybe Honda is reliable and I bet Toro Rosso will join the battle for the Championship but I want this season to have battles for the lead that will last literally the entire race of each Grand Prix from Australia all the way to The United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi)

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