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F1’s One-Win Wonders

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Pastor Maldonado is on the list – but which other Grand Prix drivers from the past three decades have hit the jackpot just once in their careers?

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23 thoughts on “F1’s One-Win Wonders

  1. que paradoja..Pensar q ese hijo de puta de kubica gano en Canadá con ese bmw q lo desarrollo i tegramente villeneuve en el 2006…forros, jacques debería estar ahii

  2. Robert Kubica could have won much more if it wasn't for that stupid rally car crash. There is a rumor that Kubica might return to F1 in the future as he has said in an interview that he would if a team gave him the chance. This would be amazing since i love Kubica and i'm part Polish so i loved seeing a Polish driver in the mix.

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