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F1 Rewind: The Very Best of 2018

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As the year draws to a close, join us as we look back at the rivalries, clashes, triumphs and epic moments that defined an incredible season of Formula 1…

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47 thoughts on “F1 Rewind: The Very Best of 2018

  1. 2018 season
    12 points for Stoffel
    11 podiums for Max
    10 Hulk scoring race
    9 points for Ericsson
    8 Alonso DNFs
    7 fastest laps for Bottas
    6 place for Leclerc
    5 Hamilton titles
    4 soft tyre choices
    3 Vettel spins
    2 Ricciardo wins
    1 win for Kimi

  2. The year wasnt good come on guys whats wrong with you every year from 1997-2009 was better and please f1 change the song its so bad it hss nothing to do with formula 1 what so ever its a joke sry but its absolut shit

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