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F1 Paddock Pass: Pre-Race At The 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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Will Buxton brings you all the gossip from the paddock as F1 returns to the land of the rising sun…

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47 thoughts on “F1 Paddock Pass: Pre-Race At The 2018 Japanese Grand Prix”

  1. Sunday : Kimi is leading the race , Valtteri is second…..then the teamradios orders them to give positions… vettel and lewis….and the teamboses are the heroes…..

  2. Team orders and holding back drivers on purpose is one of the reasons i moved over to BlancPain series….now i only watch F1 Paddock and love it ..better then the race itself (and the fact that blancpain is live on youtube)

  3. Why do the English media persist in defending everything that works for Hamilton and criticizing everything that doesn't? Its quite ridiculous. Had this been Ferrari and they had asked Kimi to move aside you would have been totally criticizing Ferrari not only now but for the next few years, but here you are again making excuses for Mercedes decision to ask Bottas to move aside even though he rightfully deserved to win the race under any observable metric. Plain and simple Mercedes stole Bottas's win to satisfy their #1 driver Hamilton, who is an obvious #1 and has been since the beginning of the year this year and last despite their claims

  4. Ferrari fans are such cancer. I don’t like team orders as much as the next guy but the particular dynamics of F1 makes it an indispensable tool and it should absolutely be used. You’re a complete moron if you would do anything differently. Mercedes has only one driver competing for the championship (driver). This venom toward Hamilton is ludicrous.

  5. Now I truly hope Hamilton doesn't win the WDC just because these team orders (I know it's not his fault but still hope that). Last year Hamitlon did very well to give back the 3 points and podium to Bottas at Hungary at it could have easily cost him the championship as it was nowhere near clear at that point. Now they would have been 43 points ahead and still felt the need to rob the nice victory from Bottas to make the lead 50 points… It's a fucking joke and a shame. They were very clear of Vettel and Ferrari in the championship with that 43 points.

  6. it's over for vettel. It was over in Singapore. Mercedes is back to their own form and ferarry somehow lost the pace superiority they had in the middle of the season. As will said it would need a miracle for vettel to win the championship. Both mercedes and lewis is indomitable at this point. Hope to have a competitive track in 2019.

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