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F1 Paddock Pass: Post-Race At The 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

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Will Buxton looks back on the 1,000th championship race which saw contrasting fortunes up and down the grid for both teams and drivers.

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50 thoughts on “F1 Paddock Pass: Post-Race At The 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. Fun Fact
    Four drivers in F1 history has manage to gather 300+ race entry, those drivers are
    Ruben Barichelo
    Fernando Alonso
    Michael Schumacher
    Jenson Button
    Meaning as of writing, 30% percent of the total races in F1 history (since 1950) has their name on it. Amazing!!!

  2. Leclerc shouldn’t be upset. Just continue the pressure. That Ferrari isn’t winning a Championship this year. So missing out on a podium under these circumstances isn’t a big deal. He will be winning and next year they’ll let him fight for the title with proper backing. Vettel did the same in his first years with Red Bull vs Mark Webber.

  3. Why does Hamilton keep saying they "aren't the dominant team"? Of course they are. They currently have the best car, no doubt. Ferrari has been less reliable (Bahrain), or just not on pace (Australia and China). Lewis needs to spot just outright lying, and say it like it is, they clearly have the best car. Things may change, but that's the reality now.

  4. AND IT'S LIGHTS OUT A GOOD START FOR HAMILTON, BOTTAS DROPS TO SECOND AND THE RACE IS OVER!!! Let's here from the winning team Hamilton: We were really struggling this weekend, Ferrari have the fastest car! Bottas: It's good for the team but I a little upset I'm number two driver! Toto: We came here with a really slow car but somehow we managed to dominate again, we can't really explain how we keep dominating when we struggle all the time but both drivers did a fantastic job today.

  5. What a shocking race!!
    Hamilton easily wins and leads championship
    Mercedes 1-2..
    Terrible Ferrari strategy..
    Red Bull 3rd best..
    Renault retires..
    Williams dead last..
    Midfield isn’t that close..


  6. 1st off…The put stop stack by Mercedes which was a 3.2sec to do a 3.0sec, not breaking stride I think deserves the driver of the day award..Yes obviously it wasn't a driver but that to ME anyhow is exactly the reason why they should get it because it was just that spectacular!
    ALSO I think it was out of line for ALL the sky F1 team commentators to go so harshly at Daniil Kvyat AND the marshals for that matter.
    Any other driver would have gotten a racing incident I believe ESPECIALLY after the onboard of Kvyat. He had a quick snap of overseer and corrected on a 1st lap bunched up group which I feel Sainz could have just as easily backed out of it slightly since Kvyat was 3 Quarters of a car length ahead of Sainz. I don't think Sainz did anything wrong just as much as I don't believe Kvyat did anything progressively or practiced any poor judgement…
    Im not some enormous Daniil Kvyat die-hard fan or anything but I?think he gets the short end of the stick I think partly because he doesn't possess the greatest Commercial marketing personality or wittiness that DOES play a much more significant role than some would think…
    Anyway us, Just this race alone Martin, Crofty, Anthony repeatedly decided to use the Torpedo reference which was a nickname completely created to be an insult in the 1st place and it was repeated over and over..
    The kid has paid his dude's, has come back from the Ferrari reserve driver role and has clearly learned a lot, matured enormously, has been driving pretty well and the 1st time he gets into an incident he gets no breaks, immediately he becomes Crashter Maldonado…
    Bit disappointed in the Sky team

  7. Replying to @ScuderiaFerrari

    Your continued strategy to throw under the bus the "number 2 driver" @Charles_Leclerc for a worthless @sebvettelnews @f1_vettel sucks! Like with @RaikkonenOficia you shoot yourselves in the foot by your ridiculous strategy to protect a pseudo number 1 driver who won´t deliver.

  8. 1: Albon driver of the day… 100% agree got on with it, kept his head down and 10th must feel like a victory for him, awesome lad….
    2: Sweet start from Lewis, and Bottas a very good wing man today, just off the pace, but a great 1-2
    3: I am a little sad to hear Norris say it was no fault of their own…… given he went wide, came back on wobbled and made Sainz have to check up somewhat it was at least part of the issue….
    4: Charles LeClerc, joins as a rookie driver in 2018, makes an average car look very good, gets picked up by Ferrari….. and is faster than a 4 times world champion…… but the Team wont let him race….. hmmm…. thats gonna win you races….. given that for the past 2 Seasons at Mercedes they are allowed to race, and it has brought 2 Championships for a driver, and 2 as a constructor.

  9. 0:45 Will Buxton please quit your job. ''Lecrec got the better start''
    Vettel had a good start but was blocked by Bottas.

    0:571:06 Again please quit your job, Will Buxton.
    ''saying Vettel wasnt faster then lecrec''
    please look up the stats. Vettel was faster then Lecrec but after destroying his tyres behind Lecrec because of the the air flow, Vettel couldnt manage to keep up the pace.
    SO all in all Ferrari shouldve let Vettel thru earlier.

    F1 Journalist of the year Will Buxton
     I mean… HOW can a 16 year old german boy know more then a fucking 37 Year old Formula 1 Journalist…

  10. Today, I finally realize that Ferrari is all about Ferrari. Forget racing, forget the fans, forget the media, forget the drivers (or at least the #2), forget transparency, forget equity in end-of-season payouts, forget spending caps, forget the smaller teams…Ferrari is all about Ferrari. It's selfish and egotistical, and losing me as a fan.

  11. Another failure of F1 . Qualifying two by two….meaning good drivers are trumped by technology, same people at the front, same outcomes, many fans and sponsors walking away from the sport as no free to air coverage. When are they going to bring in BTCC weighting rules to save the racing competition in the sport? Will Kyvit be replaced there are soo many good drivers wanting that seat ?

  12. F1 in general is so fucking boring now. There is no competition. Just as well I grew up in the prost, senna, mansell, piquet, jones days and many others that could pinch a win or podium on any given day. The WDC is pretty much already decided and its only 3 races in. Hamilton will win again. Bottas is still a wingman, it all depends if he is racing in front of Hamilton or not. If he isnt then bottas is still a mercedes puppet. Hes only looking better this yr because ferrari havent got their shit together. Im impressed with Kimi though with what he is doing with that alfa. I would rather watch the williams fighting it out at the back rather than the large gaps at the front which are non events, and races pretty much over after the first 10 laps.

  13. With such a big points lead this early on, it's safe to say Mercedes have wrapped up the championship already. Mercedes historically have had strong 2nd half of the season, while Ferrari historically have had poor 2nd half of the season.

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