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F1 Explained | 2018 Rule Changes

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Here’s everything you need to know about the changes coming to F1 in 2018….

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22 thoughts on “F1 Explained | 2018 Rule Changes”

  1. HALO just sucks, of course. looks ugly as hell. ridiculous to force everyone to use it. NO ONE wants it!
    just delete DRS & Kers and make the cars a race car. just let them be race cars and let the drivers be racers.

  2. Fuck the Halo! F1 will always be a sport with a slight risk to it. You will never be able to stop all freak accidents. If you can't accept the fact that driving with 350 km/h with 19 other cars poses inherent risks then you shouldn't drive in F1.

    There have even been casualties in football or horse riding. I'm all for safety, but I seriously think we've far enough. Any more safety will negatively impact the weight of the cars and it's starting to stray from its heritage as an open-cockpit, open-wheeled single seater racing series.

  3. F1 drivers, bunch of pussies. thank God F1 will be fully behind a paywall from 2019 in the UK, so there's no chance of accidentally stumbling upon how far F1 has fallen.

  4. I don't mind better safety but the halo is a bad solution.

    -it is not even that much safer
    -it looks terrible
    -it blocks view

    Here some examples from Alonso who had no problem with the halo at first glance:
    "Can't see the start lights on the gantry."
    "Can't see the bridge after the Lesmos, so some of your braking references are different."
    "Seeing the mirrors is a little difficult because the halo is quite wide at the headrest."
    "Seeing signals from the mechanics is a problem"

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